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The Test...

Honestly.. And I mean really honestly.. are you a good, kind, honest person?
Not really, no, but I try
We're all flawed, it's human nature

Would you date somebody who had an incurable STD?
No, that's a dealbreaker for me
Of course, a few precautions and it makes no difference
It depends on whether I thought it was going somewhere - if it was just a fling, I'd break it off

Do you pee in the shower?
Yes, it's not a big deal
No, anybody doing that in my shower would be in serious trouble
Only when I'm sharing it with someone else
No, that's kind of gross

Circumcision is..
Important, I would want it for my children
Acceptable when culturally required but otherwise is an unnecessary procedure
Required if you want me to go near your genitals
Mutilation, and a form of child abuse

Online Romance..
I pity people who can't get laid in real life - there's probably something wrong with them
It's just a normal way of people interacting these days, nothing unusual in it
hi, asl? got cam?
I don't see anything wrong with it but you wouldn't catch me dead having an online relationship

Kids doing drugs (and we're talking like fifteen year olds here, not toddlers)
Should be discouraged, but in the knowledge that it may still happen anyway and is just a part of natural development
Should be forbidden, and any kids found buying or taking drugs should face sanctions at school and at home until they can behave
Should be actively encouraged if that's what the child wants to do, and parents ought to buy drugs for their kids so as to make sure they're not mixing with dealers, or buying contaminated product
Should be entirely up to the child, making one's own mistakes is an important part of growing up. Let them make informed decisions on their own.

You find out your partner has, in the past (and before you were together), solicited a prostitute
I'd cut his dick off (replace with relevant anatomy in the event that your partner is female)
That would be out of character, and we'd need to talk about it so I could understand, but it's not too big a deal
Total dealbreaker
Whatever my partner did before we got together is none of my business

On the legalization of gay marriage
I hate the religious nuts who act out of hate to persecute gays
I'm tolerant of gay people, but that doesn't mean I think they should be allowed to marry
I think that gay people have just as much right to marry as anyone else

On the subject of sexual relations between adult siblings..
I think it ought to be punishable by some sort of legal action
I think it's sick, disgusting, and that people shouldn't be allowed to do this, but I don't know how I could stop them
I actively encourage this as a way of improving family ties
I don't exactly like the idea, but what consenting adults choose to do is their own business